"True ornament is not a matter of prettifying externals. It is organic with the structure it adorns, whether a person, a building, or a park.." - Frank Lloyd Wright


The idea behind this project will be to create a park that is not only unique but beautiful from every angle.  My intention is to keep the park aesthetically pleasing meaning many of the rides may be indoors or be worked carefully into the landscapes or architecture.

The park entrance is based off of Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water. 

Falling Water is a stunning structure that really celebrates the landscape.  


That is the idea, everything works together nothing is taken for granted. 

This structure took 3 days to perfect. 

That is the most time I have ever spent on a single aspect of a park so far but it had to celebrate Wright from every angle and it had to be pleasing from every angle and be consistent in it's intentions.

At the same time it also has to function as a park entrance and not just be scenery.

It makes me dislike our lighting options in RCT3.  It is very difficult to get what I want at night without ugly lights on the exterior.


What I have done with Surf City and what I am doing with this park is showing what can be done with all the new custom scenery folks have worked so hard on.  What you see here in conjunction with some of the new pieces in Soaked are Pumper's Blox, the smoked glass is from Pumper's dark ride set and the steel awning is from drucifer67's top gun set.


Fox Ridge Entrance video

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