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Highland Lakes

Highland Lakes was the first Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 park for Fox Amusements.

Look at how great Highland Lakes is!  Just kidding, that is how it looked when it was originally completed. Check out more pictures of the original park here.

There is a story to the park.  Highland Lakes is in Northern California and started out as a military camp.  The land was purchased by an entrepreneur name Robert who decided to use the land as a camp ground.  To help promote his new venture Robert, or Bob also purchased a few carnival rides and decided to call his park Bob's Big Fun Park.

Here is the park as it looked at the time.  Notice the wooden coaster way back there... we will get back to that.  The brick structures were part of the military camp and some are still there today.

Here is the park more recently.  We changed one or two things over the years...

We are very proud of the Blue Bunny Creamery Ice Cream Parlor. 

The park has a new boardwalk.

Notice the wooden coaster.  That is not the same one that is in the photo of Bob's Big Fun Park.  The original woody was moved years ago to make room for two other attractions.  We removed the original coaster and stored it carefully for some time before reconstructing it on the pier at SufCity USA.  This coaster was designed and built for the new boardwalk at Highland lakes, it is smaller than the one at SurfCity USA.

Showing off the logo to the birds and planes...

We are extremely proud of our Carbon Creek 1880s town.  This is the first themed area we ever attempted.  Rotten Luck Willie's Saloon and this street is new to the town but much of the Carbon Creek area is just as it was when we first built it with the same rides that have been here since it opened.

You can see Carbon Creek Slough, and Carbon Creek Mine Blast on the mountain in the background.  The concession building to the left was original to the area as well.

Along with the new street at Carbon Creek is a new attraction...

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