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Miller's Hollow

Located outside of Council Bluffs Iowa.  Miller's Hollow was the original name of the city of Council Bluffs around the time Brigham Young started the trail to Utah which stopped off in present day Council Bluffs.

Ronnie's 1980's Cafe at Miller's Hollow

Maple's American Good Times Grill at Miller's Hollow

Maple's and Ronnie's are real concept's but not real restaurants... yet.   I came up with the ideas and logos and partial menus some time ago and can make them real in the RCT3 world.

How to use billboards 101 here is a combo of live content and custom images.  Brad Stine is a real performer I have seen several times live.

Miller's Hollow Town Square.  Same footprint as the Expedition Pointe Town Square but original buildings.

A combo of custom and included scenery.

I rather like what ShyGuy created but it has flaws.  This is a far back as I can go without things starting to vanish.  What is good about it is that so many parks use this style architecture it is really somewhat surprising it was not in the game anyhow.

Main street wraps around to an arcade on one side.

Very nice custom scenery.  My home park has a Bavarian section that uses this architectural style.

I bumped the resolution a bit...

More of how to use live content with custom images...

"What you need is a weenie, which says to people 'come this way.' People won't go down a long corridor unless there's something promising at the end. You have to have something the beckons them to 'walk this way.'" - Walt Disney

Workers are building the Boardwalk at Miller's Hollow.  Notice anything different than in other parks?  There are 5 rides so far although there are two drop towers and two bumper cars I count them as one ride each since bumper cars should be bigger and most larger parks have more than one drop tower we just can't do it right in RCT3.  I am debating about keeping the queue uncovered for the drop towers.  I am using ShyGuy's scenery to dress up the line either way.  More detail than in previous parks but I am not going to the point of fantasy I am sticking to what could really be feasible like in every park I do.


Miller's Hollow Update:


Work is going well on The Boardwalk as theming and landscaping is being wrapped up.

The skyline at Miller's Hollow is taking shape.

The Boardwalk Games Pavilion is complete and ready for some games!

An overview of The Boardwalk progress.

It's a big wood coaster that has and a nice ride house!  Yeah it has a name but I forgot what I called it.  Might suggest it needs a better name?

One of my favorite coasters so far is Twist and Shout.

It launches riders up one twisting spire then back through the station and up the other side.  I am still trying to decide if it should make three or four circuits but other than that it works perfectly.

And my second favorite so far is the short but nicely themed Black Snake Coal Mine named after a trading post in Missouri Indian territory in 1827.

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