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ShoreView Park

ShoreView is our recently renovated historic amusement park.

  Guests arriving through our recently restored entrance plaza.  Prior to purchasing this park many structures had been stripped of their original decorative elements and were generally in disrepair.

This is the entrance plaza prior to the recent renovations.  We used photographs of the original ticket booths and gates to recreate the entrance as it was in the 1920s

Landscaping and new signage adds tot he plaza.

ShoreView from the air

We brightened up the midway and have added 6 new rides!

The Dodgems is finally back where it belongs on the shoreline in a brand new building based on historical photographs.

The Tunnel of Love has had a facelift.  We have restored the historic building and brought back the games!

The old Haunted Castle is still here but with a newly renovated sign.

The original Wild Mouse had been gone for years and while it had been replaced with a different Wild Mouse design it was not one of the more classic Wild Mouse designs.  Recently rather than repair and paint the old ride we replaced it with a brand new Wild Mouse coaster that is a lot closer to the classic Wild Mouse layout and design.

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